Stolen Property Recovered within 15 Minutes

Stolen property found within 15 mins of burglary occurring on Norwood Road.

Students had just left the house leaving the front door insecure, luckily one house mate decided not to go out and was in her room when within minutes she heard the front door open, thinking it was one of her house mates returning having forgot something but after a few minutes she realises that it might be an intruder, she rings the Police and officers attend and make an area search for the thieves.

...All the house mates return after being told of the Burglary and confirm laptops, Playstations and ipads had been taken, one ipad had find my ipad installed and was active showing the property was still nearby on an ajoining street. Officers conducted a search for the property, finding all the stolen items secreted in two wheely bins.All the property was returned to the owners, course work and personnal items were intact.

These students were very lucky, please remember if you leave your home to check that all the doors and windows are locked, dont make it easy for the thief to take your property.

Student Property Recovered



Page last reviewed March 2020