West Yorkshire Police Supports National Hate Crime Awareness Week 2022

Saturday 8 October 2022 
West Yorkshire Police along with the West Yorkshire Combined Authority is working in partnership to support the national week which starts today (Saturday 8 October). 
As part of the national week, the Force and Mayor of West Yorkshire want to highlight their joint ‘Hate Hurts’ campaign. 
The ‘Hate Hurts’ campaign aims to raise awareness of what hate crime and hate incidents are and to encourage communities to report these issues when they take place. The campaign will continue to run throughout the year. 
Assistant Chief Constable Damien Miller of West Yorkshire Police, said: 
“Hate crime can take many forms and can have a devastating impact on the victim but also on the wider community. 
‘West Yorkshire Police is committed to engaging with communities to continue to address the importance of reporting of hate crimes and hate incidents. 
“The awareness week is a great opportunity to stand together, with our partners and communities, to support victims and challenge attitudes and behaviours whilst increasing the wider awareness around such offences. 
‘We work closely with local councils, Victim Support and the numerous community-based West Yorkshire third party Hate Incident Reporting Centres to ensure that victims, witnesses and other affected parties are supported and have the opportunity to report incidents in an alternative location to a police station.
‘If you have experienced hate crime or a hate incident then please report it in any way you feel comfortable. By the police being made aware of an incident, we can deal with it and potentially prevent the same thing happening to someone else.’ 
Tracy Brabin, the Mayor of West Yorkshire, said: 
“We stand together in support of Hate Crime Awareness Week, side by side with all those who challenge hate.
“Together with West Yorkshire Police and our partners, we are committed to an equal, just and inclusive West Yorkshire, where everyone can live safely and freely. No one should ever be a victim of hate crime because of their disability, gender identity, race, religion, sexual orientation or because of how they choose to dress. 
“Our pledge to support victims and target perpetrators remains as strong as ever as we continue to champion diversity and root out hate crime in our communities.” 

Find out more, visit https://www.westyorkshire.police.uk/advice/abuse-anti-social-behaviour/hate-crime/hate-crime

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