Two Knives Sold to Underage Shoppers as part of 'Test Purchase' Operation to Tackle Knife Crime in Calderdale.

Friday 8 October 2021

Two trimming knives were sold to underage shoppers as part of a ‘test purchase’ operation to tackle knife crime in Calderdale.

Thirty-seven stores across Calderdale tested as part of the initiative, which saw a number of young people attempting to buy knives despite being under the legal age.

Two of the shops, one in Ovenden and one in Illingworth failed the test and sold knives to the underage shoppers.









Sergeant Anna Law of Calderdale Neighbourhood Policing Team said: “This operation allowed us to identify shops and retailers who we need to work more closely with to prevent knife crime.

“We are able to offer better education to the two stores which failed, to ensure there aren’t any reoccurrences, and to highlight their responsibility as we continue to tackle the issue of knive crime.

“It is reassuring to see that 35 stores passed the test purchase operation and refused to sell a knife to underage the shoppers.

“This shows dedication from our communities in helping us put a stop to the illegal use of knives on the streets of Calderdale.

“West Yorkshire Police and our partners are committed to tackling violent crime and we will continue to carry out operations such as this one to ensure we are all working together to prevent violent crimes in our district.

“Across the county, West Yorkshire Police continue to tackle knife crime and violent crime under ‘Operation Jemlock’.

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