Police Dogs Ollie and Diesel save the life of a vulnerable female

Tuesday 12 January 2021

Shortly before Christmas Wakefield District reported that a vulnerable woman had gone missing from her home.

Extensive search and investigation efforts were commenced by colleagues from across the Force and other emergency services to locate the female. Some 12 hours after the last sighting officers from the Dog Section – PC Elaine Entwistle and PC Chris Booker deployed with PC Ollie and PD Diesel to a rural location.

With a clear search plan the officers conducted a significant, time intensive search across the vast golf course and dense wooded areas nearby.

The Dogs were deployed both on and off the leads in areas that were suitable to do so.  Several hours after the officers had regrouped they continued the search covering a new route. The Dogs indicated the presence of human scent and directed the officers down into a further secluded wooded area.  This is where the female was located, unconscious but breathing. 

They immediately administered first aid,  warming the patient gradually using Police clothing and offering verbal reassurance until she came around.  The female was cold to touch and suffering from severe hypothermia.

The place in which she was found was totally inaccessible to the emergency services, but by good luck the groundsmen in the area allowed officers the use of a golf buggy to transport the female to the easiest point of access for the ambulance.

There is no doubt that had the Dog units not found this lady at the time they did the outcome would have undoubtedly been fatal.  This is an excellent example of effective partnership working and officers doing their very best to keep the residents of West Yorkshire safe.

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