The Importance of Understanding the Risks of Fraud

Wednesday 13 October, 2021

West Yorkshire Police is urging people to understand the risks of fraud and know how to prevent themselves falling victim.
Dealing with fraud is a top priority for the Force and nationally there were 4.6million fraud offences in the 12 months up to March 2021.
It is largest category of all crime types.
Ramona Senior leads the Force’s Economic Crime Unit.
“Some people say that fraud is a victimless crime but that couldn’t be further from the truth.
“Fraud is often committed by heartless criminals targeting vulnerable victims who will stop at nothing to deceive people.
“They really don’t care at all about the financial and emotional impact offences can have on victims and loved ones. 
“I have heard far too many examples of where people have lost what may seem to some a relatively small amount of money but to the victim could mean the difference between heating their house in winter or having enough food to feed their family.”
A report out today from the Victims’ Commissioner sets out the extent of the issue nationally.
Ramona added:
“The number of offences is increasing as criminals adapt to changes in the way we lead our lives and so we are changing too.
“We have seen the report and acknowledge its findings. We will carefully consider it and welcome any information that helps us to understand and safeguard our communities from fraud.
“Fraud is a strategic priority for the Force which means we treat it extremely seriously. “The extent of fraud is difficult to determine due to the level of fraud that is not reported, however the financial and emotional toll it can have on victims and often their wider families is plain for all to see.
“We are doing all we can to bring those who offend this way to justice but I would also urge people to look at some of the resources we have available on our website and follow our social media pages 

Twitter - @WYP_EcoCrmUnit

Facebook - West Yorkshire Police - Fraud Team

“There is a wealth of information available which helps people spot some of the signs of fraud which they can then use to help stop themselves and others becoming victims.”
For further information please see our website

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