Halifax Man Jailed For Sex Offences

Wednesday 31 March 2021

A Halifax Man who fled to Pakistan before he was convicted of a series of sexual offences against a child in November 2016 has finally been jailed. 

Raja Imran Yasin, 40 from Halifax was convicted of six sexual offences against children in November 2016 at Bradford Crown Court.

This was part of Operation Honeydon. 

Yasin’s Father, Raja Yasin, 68 was also convicted as part of Operation Honeydon in April 2016 and received sentencing totalling 24 years for sexual offences, including rape, against children.

Prior to his trial, Raja Imran Yasin fled the country using his Pakistani passport and has been in Pakistan ever since.

Yasin was brought back to the UK on Saturday and was subsequently arrested by West Yorkshire Police Officers as he got off the plane.

Earlier today he was sentenced at Bradford Crown Court to eight and a half years in jail.

Senior investigating officer Chief Superintendent Mark McManus of West Yorkshire Police said;

 "I am glad that Yasin has been brought back to the UK to face the punishment of his crimes. I would like to praise the victims for having the strength and courage to come forward to the police. They’ve had to wait nearly five years to get justice and I hope that today’s sentence gives them some comfort and closure to those affected by these crimes.

"We would always encourage anyone who has been the victim, or who has witnessed any form of abuse to come forward to the police. Our specialist teams will always take all reports seriously, deal with them sensitively and work to bring offenders to justice."

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