Changes to Wakefield NPT Boundaries

Tuesday, 6th July, 2021

Neighbourhood policing boundaries in Wakefield will be changing from this week.

The changes come as a result of realignment of the Neighbourhood Policing Teams (NPTs) within the district so that they correspond to the six Wakefield Families Together cluster hubs (which include teams around schools and teams around the young people).

There has also been some movement of resources between the neighbourhood teams to ensure at the resilience and capability of the NPTs matches demand.

However, overall staffing numbers for the Neighbourhood Policing Teams remains the same.

Chief Inspector Rick Sumner, responsible for neighbourhoods and partnerships for the Force across Wakefield District said: “The changes allow us to align better with our partners in our neighbourhoods and communities across Wakefield.

“Overall staffing of the NPTs throughout Wakefield will not be changing, The number of dedicated officers and PCSO’s working in our communities has not been reduced."

The Wakefield Families together Partnership has welcomed the alignment saying: “We already have a strong partnership and joint working in place with the Police Early Action Hub and we are excited to build on this through the realignment of the Neighbourhood Policing Teams.

“A local and team-working approach will provide us with further scope to be innovative and responsive to the needs within each local community.”

How the NPT teams change:

  • ‘Wakefield City and North West’ will become ‘Wakefield Central’.
  • ‘Wakefield East and South East’ becomes ‘Wakefield North West and South’;
  • ‘Wakefield North East and Rural’ becomes ‘Wakefield North East’.

Areas which are moving under the boundary changes include Pontefract and Knottingley (formerly East and South East) which are both moving into the NPT North East area, which also includes Castleford, Normanton and Featherstone.

The rural team will now operate from Ossett Police Station and not from Normanton. They will join the Ossett and South Kirby team to form NPT North West and South.

For further details and a map outlining which areas are covered by which NPT team click on this link Wakefield | West Yorkshire Police

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