Bradford Beggar Issued Criminal Behaviour Order

A prolific beggar has been barred from entering Bradford City Centre for five years.

Martin Henderson, 45, was handed a Criminal Behaviour Order on 16 July 2021 at Bradford Magistrates’ Court after he was convicted for two counts of begging in February this year. 

Henderson, of Pemberton Drive, Bradford, seen in Valley Road and Leeds Road approaching motorists that were held at traffic lights, asking for money.  

He previously received a 12-month conditional discharge in September 2020, after he was seen on Valley Road, holding a cardboard sign and begging. 

His prolific actions date back to 2019. 

Criminal Behaviour Order of Martin Henderson

The terms of the order prohibit him from begging in Bradford, in addition to other conditions which have been highlighted in the poster.

West Yorkshire Police Anti-social Behaviour Officer Jenni Ryan said: “Henderson is a prolific beggar, who regularly positions himself on traffic Islands and at traffic lights on the busy city centre routes in order to beg from passing motorists. 

“Although Henderson has accommodation, he was regularly seen in the city purporting to be homeless. I am pleased to see that Henderson has been convicted for this offence, and this order will prevent him from the places where he regularly offends.

“This type of behaviour causes alarm and distress to motorists, residents and visitors in these areas and I hope this sends a clear message out that it will not be tolerated.”

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