Bars and Clubs Across Bradford will be Equipped with an Innovative Forensic Spray Designed to Increase Safety in Night Time Economy

Thursday 2 December 2021 

Bars and clubs across Bradford will be equipped with an innovative forensic spray designed to increase night time safety.

SmartTag, will allow security and police officers to tag offenders who threaten or attack others with a unique mark that can be later used to identify them.

Door security staff responding to any incident, of violence or anti-social behaviour, will be able to spray the individual with a unique forensic liquid which links them to the scene long after the incident has taken place and then the police can track that individual.

As of this week, SmartTag will be distributed to various bars, pubs and clubs across the Bradford District.

The West Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit (VRU) has funded a three-year membership for venues to use the SmartTag handheld tool, developed by the SmartWater Group.

Bradford City NPT Inspector Richard Baildon, said: "This new development is an exciting step in our continued efforts to keep people safe and protect them from harm.

“SmartTag a simple, effective and reliable method of taming aggressive behaviour.

"I believe this new technology will help us to address some of the elements relating to anti-social behaviour, especially seen in our night time economy and send a positive message to the local community that we are doing all we can to address their concerns."

Jonny Noble, from Bradford BID, said: “Bradford BID, as part of our Bradford at Night initiative, are delighted to be helping our partners at West Yorkshire Police and the City Centre Neighbourhood Policing Team in distributing the SmartTag equipment to the eligible businesses. This shows again the importance of strong partnership working to benefit the evening and night-time economy in Bradford City Centre.” 

Superintendent Lee Berry of West Yorkshire Police, said: “Forensic marking solutions have been in use in West Yorkshire for some time now and have been valuable tools in helping both deter and also catch offenders in a whole host of crime types.

“Districts including Bradford and Wakefield, have used the technology to help convict illegal off-road bikers, deter shoplifters and also mark alcoholic drinks cans to help us identify stores connected with street drinking and ASB.

“We welcome the adoption of SmartTag in licenced premises as this innovative partnership approach can only help make users of the night-time economy safer and assist us in swiftly identifying and taking action against those involved in crime.”

Anyone who has witnessed any anti-social behaviour or has any information is asked to contact their local NPT teams via 101 or the 101 LiveChat facility via the West Yorkshire Police website

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