Ambitious Community Survey Launched in Wakefield

Thursday, 29th July, 2021

Police want to get #WakefieldTalking about what matters to its communities in an ambitious digital survey of over 10,000 homes.

Wakefield District Police has started a major new consultation of residents across three wards in the Wakefield North-West and South Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) area this week, as part of an ongoing drive to maintain community engagement and to ensure neighbourhood policing continues in partnership with our communities.

Wakefield officers and staff will be visiting residents across three council wards in the district - which stretches from Ryhill to Agbrigg through to Middlestown and Midgley - to ask four quick questions about what their policing priorities are as part of the #WakefieldTalking initiative.

The information will be used to identify and map community concerns that exist in order for dedicated neighbourhood resources to be deployed most effectively whilst working with Police partners to ensure residents are safe and feel safe.
The project will identify local issues and priorities on a street-by-street level giving the NPT the unprecedented ability to target specific issues at a very local level.

The survey is linked directly to the popular Community Alerts system which will be able to update residents who subscribe as what action has been taken in response to concerns raised as well as regular crime prevention alerts.

There will be an opportunity for residents to speak directly about opportunities to become a police officer or employee within West Yorkshire Police.

Police staff taking part in the consultation will be wearing PPE and will only seek to speak with participating residents outside whilst socially distancing.

Those who want to take part in the two-minute survey will either be able to give their responses to officers there and then, or answer the same questions online later at their leisure.

To answer online residents will be able to log on the Community Alerts website at

Inspector Paul Cumming of Wakefield Police, said: “#WakefieldTalking is a really ambitious initiative which has been resourced to enable to carry out and deliver a real improvement to many aspects of our policing and communication with residents.

“What we are launching in these council wards is very much a pilot based on successful ‘talking’ schemes carried out elsewhere by neighbouring police forces.

“Experience shows that having up to date information about residents concerns is vital as it helps us target resources such as roads policing and anti-social behaviour patrols where they are most needed.

“It will also help us upgrade Community Alerts to make sure it sends the most relevant information to subscribers.”

Chief Inspector Rick Sumner of Wakefield District Police, said “#WakefieldTalking is a very ambitious and necessary consultation for us and we do hope to be able to carry out this pilot elsewhere in due course. I want to ensure that the voice of our local communities is heard, particularly at a time when opportunities to engage have been reduced during the current pandemic.  Not everyone has access to social media or the internet.”

“I must stress that officers taking part will be wearing PPE. 

“We will seek to speak with residents outdoors or provide them with a paper contact card which will have the necessary details to allow them to fill in the quick questionnaire online at their leisure.”

“The whole process will be very quick and we think it will be an excellent opportunity to not only refresh local priorities but also forge vital links with our communities and keep residents better informed.”

“We can only police at our best if we know what residents need from us, and I would encourage all households contacted to please just give us a couple of minutes of their time.”

All households in the three wards will be contacted. The three council wards taking part are Crofton, Ryhill and Walton; Wakefield South and Wakefield Rural. The communities involved will include: Crofton / Ryhill / Walton / Havercroft / Notton/ Middlestown / Netherton / Midgley / Overton / Bretton / Woolley / Haigh / Hall Green / Painthorpe / Chapelthorpe / Durkar / Crigglestone / Newmillerdam / Calder Park / Calder Grove / Agbrigg / Sandal / Kettlethorpe / Belle Vue.

For more information on the Wakefield Rural area see the NPT web page Wakefield | West Yorkshire Police

For more information on how to sign up for Community Alerts see the West Yorkshire Police website West Yorkshire Community Alert | West Yorkshire Police

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