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Covering : Beeston, Belle Isle, Churwell, Cottingley, Drighlington, East Ardsley, Gildersome, Holbeck, Hunslet, Middleton Park, Morley, Robin Hood, Rothwell, Tingley, West Ardsley, Woodlesford and surrounding areas.

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Neighbourhood Priorities

Ward Area Beeston and Holbeck Ward

To act on community intelligence to tackle and disrupt the illegal supply of drugs in the Beeston and Holbeck area. We will be increasing high visibility patrols in the area and using a number of different tactics to disrupt the drugs supply including executing warrants where we have intelligence. You can help us by reporting any information or concerns you have directly to us or by using Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or crimestoppers-uk.org

To continue to work in partnership to deliver the strategic objectives of the Managed Approach. Our dedicated Managed Approach Officers will conduct intelligence led, high visibility patrols in the Managed Approach and surrounding areas and will respond to community concerns that are raised through our dedicated Managed Approach phone number.

Ward Area – Hunslet and Riverside

To continue to tackle the issue of anti-social behaviour and begging.  We have conducted high visibility patrols and have taken positive action when offences have been identified.  We have issued community protection warnings to persistent offenders.  We shall continue this and will work in partnership with our Street Support Team and Leeds Anti-Social Behaviour Team to put long term strategies in place to deal with persistent offenders.

To make the roads of Hunslet and Riverside safer.  We will conduct high visibility, proactive patrols. We will make use of our pro-laser equipment to tackle speeding issues at various locations throughout the area.  We will take positive action against anyone found to be committing offences.

Ward Area – Middleton

To tackle anti-social behavior and theft from motor vehicles in the New Forest Village.  We will conduct high visibility patrols and take and positive action where offences are identified.  We will utilise ASB legislation where necessary and will work in partnership with Leeds Anti-Social Behaviour Team to deal with persistent perpetrators. 

To disrupt and engage with nuisance youths and off-road motorcycles in and around the Acre Road area, including Middleton Skate Park and Middleton Park/Ring Road, particularly targeting those engaged in Anti-Social Behaviour. We will continue to deal with this issue by conducting high visibility patrols in the area. We will also use ASB Legislation if required to prevent the youths from returning to the location if warnings are not heeded.

Morley South

To disrupt and engage with nuisance youths, particularly targeting those engaged in Anti-Social Behaviour. We will use Anti-Social Behaviour Legislation, such as dispersal orders if proportionate and necessary if warnings are not heeded.

To disrupt and engage with those causing a nuisance using off road motorbikes in public areas and footpaths, particularly in the area off Rein Road. We will seek the assistance from our off-road motorbike colleagues to take positive action where appropriate.

Continue to be pro-active in our approach to speeding vehicles. We will target specific locations as identified by the local community.

We will continue to act upon community intelligence in relation to the use and supply of drugs.’

Ward Area – Morley North

Speeding is still the most raised issue in the Morley North ward.  Gildersome in particular as a main arterial route used also by pedestrians.  We have officers trained in the deployment of approved speed measuring devices.  We have been and will continue to deploy such officers in these areas of concern, at the relevant times as identified from community reports and intelligence for speeding. We will enforce the speed limit where there is a persistent problem and advise where there is an emerging, lower problem with minor breaches.  This will depend on a range of factors, but essentially will be dynamically risk assessed around the roads use and nature of that breach.  This is already registered as a problem-solving investigation, which is monitored and reviewed on a regular basis.  Also, HGV vehicles using a route as a cut through (not there to deliver in the village) is an issue.  We will gather evidence of this and deal with offenders where operational commitments allow.


We have had a recent spate of vehicle crime in the Churwell area which now seem to have dropped off.  However, we are working hard to try and prevent these from rising again.  It’s a difficult issue to police for NPTs as often they are in the early hours of the morning when NPTs are not always on duty.  Our Response colleagues are carrying out proactive patrols as are your local NPTs (sometimes in plain clothes) looking for those engaged in suspicious activity to try and disrupt and prevent and detect such crimes.  Wherever we get credible evidence, we will also look to gather this and arrest any persons we identify as involved in such activity, always with a view to trying to secure a charge to court for such individuals when enough evidence exists.

Ward Area – East Ardsley and Robin Hood

We will work with Yorkshire Water and Leeds City Council, as well as other agencies, to monitor potential Covid breaches and parking issues in and around the local beauty spots as the weather improves and an increased level of footfall is expected as a result.  Particular attention being paid to Tingley Reservoir.

To disrupt and engage with nuisance youths, anti-social behavior in and around the Lofthouse area, with particular attention to the Leeds Road area where local community intelligence suggests drug taking is occurring.  We will liaise with other agencies to provide a partnership approach to deal with such matters through both education and enforcement where necessary.

Ward Area – Rothwell

To provide a proactive reassurance presence in and around Rothwell town centre and surrounding areas as the national coronavirus lockdown eases and the night-time economy returns.  By using the continued ethic if the 4 ‘E’s – engage, explain, educate and enforce – we will provide support to local businesses as they return to work and work with them to ensure current legislation continues to be adhered to.

To provide continued disruption and engagement with nuisance youths causing anti-social behavior in and around the Rothwell Haigh and Wood Lane areas.  We will also use ASB Legislation to prevent the youths from returning to the location if necessary and will engage with parents to provide a longer-term solution.



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