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Neighbourhood Priorities - Outer North West Area

Ward Area - Horsforth - Set 9th June 2022

Lead Sergeant - PS 2430 Jenness

Lead Area Problem Solving Officer - PC 1358 Russell

You Said: Speed monitoring to be done, especially on Low Lane. 

We did: Low Lane was monitored multiple times & will continue. 

You Said: Request for more patrols in the areas surrounding local schools at drop-off and collection times, due to inconsiderate parking. 

We Did: We continue to monitor local schools for any dangerous/obstructive parking, with the primary aim being driver education. 

Priorities set for the next period up to the next review:

  • Speeding on Low Lane, checks to continue. 
  • Suspected drug-dealing in locations across the ward.

Ward Area - Adel & Wharfedale - Set 9th June 2022

Lead Sergeant - PS 2430 Jenness

Lead Area Problem Solving Officer - PC 4626 Long

You Said: NPT to assist with Road-Related offences, focussing on obstructive parking (including footpaths). 

We Did: We have been undertaking Speed-monitoring work on roads most regularly reported to be used by speeding motorists, as well as undertaking patrols of local schools at drop-off/collection times, to ensure safe parking. Other locations that have been flagged up for obstructive parking have also been monitored. 

Priorities set for the next period up to the next review:

  • Continuation of Road Safety work, with the the assistance of Leeds City Council's Parking Enforcement officers.
  • Tackling the anti-social use of Off-roading vehicles in the Holt Park area. 

Ward Area - Otley & Yeadon - Set 7th July 2022

Lead Sergeant - PS 3436 Marlow

Lead Area Problem Solving Officer - PC 2917 Dempsey

You Said: Assisting with the enforcement of Road-Related offences, focussing on speeding & obstructive parking. 

We Did: Repeated deployments of the SID to key roads, as reported by residents. With regards to parking, numerous drivers have been given warnings for obstructive parking, or fixed-penalty notices where education is not possible (due to the driver not being present etc.)

Priorities set for the next period up to the next review:

  • Continued proactive patrols of the area for Road-Related Offences & enforcement as appropriate.  

Ward Area - Guiseley & Rawdon - Set 26th June 2022

Lead Sergeant - PS 3436 Marlow

Lead Area Problem Solving Officer - PC 4626 Long

You Said: Complaints have been received regarding anti-social behaviour and drugs usage within the parks and greenspaces of the ward. 

We Did: We have increased our patrols of the reported areas throughout the day, to provide a visual presence & a deterrent to anyone wishing to commit this type of behaviour within the parks. These increased patrols will continue, as longer nights start to draw in. 

  • Proactive patrols of the local area, concentrating on areas of greenspace to deal with ASB, this includes but is not limited to Nunroyd Park, Micklefield Park, Guiseley School's Playing Fields and the parks and play areas of Guiseley and Rawdon.
  • NPT Deployment to deal with road related offences. Focussing on dangerous driving, anti-social driving and driving whilst over the limit.

Priorities set for the next period up to the next review:

  • Tackling of antisocial behaviour in local parks, including Micklefield & Nunroyd Park. 
  • Combined working with Leeds City Council's Parking wardens in key areas to reduce the amount of obstructive parking. 

Neighbourhood Priorities - Inner North West Area 

Ward Area - Headingley & Hyde Park - Set 21st September 2022

Lead Sergeant – PS 3489 Green

Lead Area Problem Solving Officers – PC 4297 Hemmingway & PC 4264 Hanmer

You Said: Graffiti problems around Hyde Park

We Did:  We have stepped up our Police presence in the key locations, especially at peak times, deploying Officers on foot to act as a visual deterrent. Work has been ongoing with Park wardens for Woodhouse Moor & Leeds City Council regarding the cleaning of graffiti. Where crimes have been reported, extensive CCTV enquiries have taken place and work is ongoing with various charities & youth groups to divert potential offenders from crime. The local Council have invested in street-art on key graffiti hotspots, bringing life back to vandalised walls. Such pilots have proven extremely successful in other areas of the city. The artwork was unveiled recently and so far, it has had a positive effect. We will keep you posted on how the trial goes, in the hope it is rolled out to other parts of the ward. 

You Said: Alcohol-related disorder from house parties and the Otley Run.

We did: We have stepped up our Police presence in the key locations, especially at peak times, deploying Officers on foot to act as a visual deterrent and proactively engage with those involved and take positive action in relation to any offences witnessed/reported. The Public Space Protection Order has been enforced with breaches reported to the appropriate authority. Meetings have recently taken place with Leeds City Council, Licensing and local businesses to share ideas. A funding application was partially approved recently and whilst not as large as we would have hoped for, we have secured this, meaning we can improve our presence on the 'Otley Run'. With Freshers' week beginning, we will be deploying extra Officers onto the streets over the next few weeks, utilising the additional funding. 

You Said: Drug dealing across the area

We did: We continue to execute S23 Search warrants on a regular basis, as we have done throughout 2022. The value of drugs prevented from hitting the streets of Headingley this year is now into multiple millions of pounds. Disruption of drug-dealing is intelligence-led and as such, we welcome any community intelligence so that we can act upon it as appropriate. 

Priorities set with the community for the next 6 weeks:

  • Prevention of alcohol-related disorder from house parties and the 'Otley Run'.
  • Crime detection & prevention work in regards to Burglary & Theft offences, coinciding with the new Academic year. 
  • Disrupting drug dealing across the ward.

Ward Area - Little London & Woodhouse - Set 23rd February 2022

Lead Sergeant - A/PS 1925 Robinson

Lead Area Problem Solving Officer - PC 349 Buxton

You Said: Drug dealing and usage in the Lovell Park area.

We Did: Work has been undertaken with Leeds City Council to cut back foliage and improve lighting, with a view to creating a more open and visible environment, deterring the dealing & usage of drugs. 

You Said: Parcel thefts from residential blocks in Woodhouse.

We Did: Arrested and charged one suspect with ten offences. Ongoing work between our Crime Prevention Officers and building owners to improve security at the locations & therefore prevent any further offences. 

Ward Area - Weetwood - Set 3rd August 2022:

Lead Sergeant - PS 3713 Cook

Lead Area Problem Solving Officer - PC 5065 Scott & PC 1786 Mahmood

West Park, Far Headingley & Meanwood Priorities:

You Said: Quad Bikes causing a nuisance on North Parade, West Park.

We Did: We have, and continue to provide, a visible presence in the area as a deterrent. This is supported by our District Off-Road Bikes Team who support us with proactive patrols. 

You Said: Speeding in the Becketts Park area  

We Did: We have been working in partnership with our Community Speedwatch groups, taking out the Speed Indication Device (SID) in the priority areas to address vehicles speeding. Any drivers seen to be exceeding the speed limit have been stopped, spoken to & warned about the consequences of excess speed. Roads Policing Officers have also patrolled the area recently, offering additional visibility & enforcing where required. 

New Priority for the next 6 weeks: 

  • Speeding, particularly on Moor Road & Monk Bridge Road. 

Tinshill Priorities:

You Said: There has been an increase in speeding vehicles on the Raynels & Becketts Park Estates.

We Did: Over the past 6 weeks we have been out in the Raynel’s area and in the wider ward area with the SID machine (speed indication device) monitoring drivers speed. Any drivers over the speed limit have been stopped and spoken to. We will be continuing to use the SID machine within the ward area moving forward.

You Said: There have been Off-road bikes and quads causing a nuisance recently. 

We Did: We have been providing additional patrols in the hotspot areas & requesting support from our District Offroad Bikes Team to conduct proactive patrols of the area, to locate the nuisance riders. A number of vehicles have been seized (either for no insurance, no license, or under S.59 powers). 

New Priority for the next 6 weeks: 

  • Obstructive parking in Tinshill, Ivesons & Woodnooks. 
  • Speeding, particularly on Tinshill Road & Silk Mill Way.

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