Covering : Halifax, Illingworth, Mixenden, Ovenden, Park, Skircoat, Warley and surrounding areas.

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Local Priorities

In Calderdale local partnership priorities are set at the six weekly Safer, Cleaner, Greener meeting. This meeting brings partners from Police, Fire, Health, Calderdale council and local councillors, together to tackle local issues. 

Each Safer Cleaner Greener area has a lead Police Sergeant and Police officer who leads on problem solving. They are supported by other officers, PCSO’s, Police staff and partnership resources. 

You can suggest a local priority by:

You can find updates on local priorities on our news pages, Social media, via ward forums and on our quarterly newsletter.


Halifax NPT Inspector 5235 Graham


Local Priorities 

Halifax North

Covering the wards of Illingworth & Mixenden, Ovenden and Pellon & Warley.

Lead Area Sergeant:  PS 849 Allgood
Lead area Problem solving officer: PC 3635 Beckwith

Burglary initiative to provide crime prevention and target offenders

We will work in conjunction with others partners in a joint approach by targeting crime prevention advice to vulnerable properties - including partnership days of action in hotspot areas and by revisiting all victims of residential burglary and by providing crime prevention advice / awareness via social media and printed awareness campaign.

Road safety in and around schools 

We will work in conjunction with other partners in a joint approach by tackling and disrupting offenders (enforcement and S.59 (section 59 Police Reform Act) to be used where appropriate). High visibility speed enforcement work on identified streets were public complaints have been received and by supporting council colleagues around schools. Should you wish to report nuisance bikes / quad bikes / off roaders, you can report here

To tackle an increase in Fly tipping across the area

We will work in conjunction with other partners in a joint approach to tackle fly tipping by undertaking proactive patrols, targeted patrols to Old Lane, Moor End Road, Lentilfield Street, Sod House Green. Working with our partners in Housing, Ovenden Mixenden Initiative and our Neighbourhood Support officer to delivery of crime prevention advice.

The council will lead on this and Community Safety Wardens to enforce where suspects identified.  You can report fly tipping here


Halifax Town Centre

Covering Halifax Town Centre

Lead Area Sergeant:  PS 1418 Bingham
Lead area Problem solving officer: PC 2044 Margison

Working in partnership to keep people safe - engage, explain, encourage and enforce the current COVID 19 legislation

We will work in conjunction with other partners in a joint approach to the deployment of resources across the Halifax Town Centre. We will aim  to provide clear promotion of the Government guidelines of which you can find out more information on www.gov.uk. We will be focusing on high footfall areas and dispersing inappropriate numbers of gathering people. Should you have further information on people breaching restrictions - report here.

To tackle homelessness and aggressive begging

We will work with partners and Street Reach to assist and support homelessness by undertaking a plain clothes, proactive approach to identifying persons of interest during daylight and night-time economy and by conducting high visibility patrols to provide reassurance and support to the public and homeless.


Halifax Central set 3rd June 2021

Covering the wards of Boothtown, Park, Siddal, Skircoat and Southowram

Lead Area Sergeant:  PS 849 Allgood/ PS 3669 Softley
Lead area Problem solving officer: PC 2044 Margison and PC 1969 Clough

Work in partnership to keep people safe - engage, explain, encourage and enforce  the COVID 19 legislation.

We will conduct partnership licence checks across the borough with staff from Calderdale council licensing. Engage with communities, joint COVID hub tasking with key partners and taking a 4 E's approach to enforcement (Education, Engagement, Encouragement and Enforcement).

Road safety throughout the area.

We will utilise social media to educate the public about the speed limits in the area and to promote the work that we do with regard to enforcement. We will deploy Operation Hawmill into the areas of concern raised by members of our communities, working in partnership with partners we will monitor the speed of vehicles using speed indication device (SID) and take action when necessary.

To tackle an increase in fly tipping in and around waste processing site, Turner Greens, Farrar Mill Lane

We will work in conjunction with other partners in a joint approach by tackling and disrupting offenders and undertake enforcement where possible.


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Calderdale District Community Trigger
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