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City NPT Neighbourhood Priorities. 

After consultation with yourselves, the community safety partnership, and partners. Please find below our NPT priorities for the spring/early summer period: 

  • Begging - specifically Charles Street, Broadway and the area around BROADWAY SHOPPING CENTRE. Our aim here is to work with partners to ensure that we keep safe a vulnerable section of our community, while making the City Centre, as attractive as possible for retail trade to thrive.
  • ASB/Street drinking/Begging - Rawson Road/Rawson Quarter, Oastler Centre and North Parade. This PSO will soon cease, as we transition from our current policing style, to a new strategy lead by the newly appointed top of town Partnership Constable – PC 4357 Ramsden, the new PSPO Wardens and Darren Wild the Bridge Project navigator. 
  • ASB – City Park - in recent weeks we have begun to see an increase number of calls for service and officers "falling across" instances of POA offences, assault and ASB in the City Park area. The location is always a source of calls during the summer months and this year is likely to be no exception.  In previous years Nando’s, is particularly badly affected, as their steps act as a meeting place for the street drinkers and this has affected their customers. I am also aware that the Covid test centre manager is also reporting incidents.   I would observe that the natural surveillance, officer presence and extensive CCTV system in City Park. Would make the offences easier to address than elsewhere and I am confident that we have this in hand.  These issues are tasked to the City NPT Teams. I have asked my team to ensure that offences are dealt with robustly, intelligence is gathered to identify repeat offenders and referred for ASBOM management and regular updates are provided to the businesses.

If anyone has any questions or information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

 Then the new problem-solving priorities for us as we come out of lockdown will be: 

  • Anti-Social Driving - around the Princes Way/Norfolk Gardens/A650 loops – The team will expand the work of their Operation Steerside RPU colleagues with:

Static vehicle checks working with partners.

Proactive enquiries to identify ASB Driving nominal and seizure of vehicles used in ASB. 

  • Drugs use, Anti-Social Behaviour and Sexual Harassment - in the area at the far side of the magistrate’s court, near to the curtilage with Princes Way.  
  • Supporting the Evening and Night-Time Economy - Initially an operation in three phases, all underpinned by Operation Gridiron – the public order policing provision for the City. This PSO will initially address support needs, as the evening and night-time economy comes out of lockdown and will entail a preventative approach.  The officers will engage with designated person and members of the public earlier in the evening, to try to prevent any issues developing. Including our work with the Street Angels group. In the second phase, we will then look to add to phase one with our support for both the new “Bradford At Night” coordinator and the new Bridge Project “Safe Space”. The third phase will be preparation for our bid for Purple Flag status, highlighting the quality of the City centre’s evening and night-time economy “offer”

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