Indecent Images of Children Campaign

Looking at indecent images of children is a crime. Anyone who is caught looking at indecent images of someone under the age of 18 years-old will be placed on the sex offenders register.

As well as sentences handed down in court this can result in the following consequences for the offender –

  • Social care referrals for any children they have access to.
  • Potential breakdowns in relationships with wife/husband/partner and abandonment of friendships
  • Disclosure to work, clubs and organisations they are involved in and potential loss of employment.
  • Social stigma, social isolation and mental illness

If you are concerned about your own behaviour or that of someone you know, there is help and support available from a number of charities and not for profit organisations, including the Lucy Faithfull Foundation and NSPCC.

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Our Stop it now campaign can be viewed here.

In the below video, DC Stocks from the Abusive Images Team in Leeds talks about his role in tracking down people who look at indecent images of children, and how being convicted can change someone’s life.

In the below video a former offender talks about how being convicted affected his life.

View our press release here.

Live Web Chat

We hosted an Indecent Images of Children Live Online Web Chat on Wednesday 2nd May -  the web chat can be 'replayed' by clicking here


Infographic Released Showing Professions of Adults Arrested for Looking at Indecent Images of Children

People from all backgrounds are convicted of looking at indecent images of children and the below infographic shows the occupations of the people arrested by West Yorkshire Police in 2017.

For more information please read our press release here.

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