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Fortunately, equine related crime is relatively low in West Yorkshire, but West Yorkshire Police recognises the importance of supporting members of the equine community in creating secure environments for their horses, equipment and vehicles.

To support horse owners across West Yorkshire, West Yorkshire Police have re-introduced the Horse Watch concept, aiming to provide advice and information to assist in the prevention of crime.

In this site you can access information on how to keep your property and equipment safe and help to prevent crime. You can click on the index links is blue below to go to the section you want or continue to scroll through the page.  

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How Horse Watch Schemes work.

Horse Watch works along the same lines as Neighbourhood Watch. It is based on the idea of communities coming together to help reduce crime and increase community cohesion. Becoming involved in Horse Watch will provide the opportunity for members to:

  • Assist in reducing the opportunity for equine related crime to occur
  • Develop an awareness of measures that may prevent crime at their stables/yards
  • Become part of a ‘community’ network receiving and relaying pertinent information
  • Share ‘good practice’ across West Yorkshire
  • Direct links to local officers in your Neighbourhood Policing Team – details below.  
  • Be part of the Horse Watch community messaging service with West Yorkshire Police Community messenger service.

One of the main aims of Horse Watch is to encourage members to keep a note of any suspicious incidents, which may include recording the registration numbers of unfamiliar vehicles, and to warn the police and others about people acting suspiciously near stables and land where horses are kept. 

If you are a current member of Horse Watch and wish to remain, please email your details to: [email protected]

By taking positive action you can reassure yourself that you have done as much as you can to protect your horses and your equipment, making it as difficult as possible for a potential offender.

There are many steps that you can take to enhance existing security measures in and around your stables. The advice contained in the Horsewatch leaflet is not an exhaustive list, but may assist in the prevention of crime (PDF document - 270kb).

For additional information on British Standards for security hardware, please visit:


How to join a Horse Watch Scheme. 

If you want to be a part of Horse Watch and want to help prevent crime as well as being part of a growing community please use the links below to register your details.

Crime Prevention Advice. 

Perimeter Security

  • Perimeter fencing should be in good condition, with no gaps or weak points in the boundary line. Try to fit fencing Kite marked to BS1722 (British Standards). 
  • Ensure that all gates are kept locked.
  • Place clear signage on entrance points, directing visitors on arrival at your premises.
  • If appropriate, you could also consider fitting removable security posts at the entrance and/or using an audio/visual entry system.


Asset Tracking

Click here to download a document outlining  West Yorkshire Police's Asset Tracking Initiative. (PDF 236kb)


Building Security

  • All security bolts and locks should be Kite marked to BS3621.
  • Doorsets should be to PAS24 or LPS1175
  • Fit dusk to dawn lighting to provide permanent illumination through the hours of darkness.
  • Consider a professionally installed CCTV system Kite marked to BS EN50132-7 together with appropriate signage.
  • You may also want to consider a monitored alarm scheme Kite marked to BS EN50131 – any activation will be received by the service provider at a monitoring station.

For further information on alarm systems please contact the Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB) or the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) Both organisations can provide you with details of registered alarm companies in your area. 


Tack and Equipment Security

  • ‘Post coding’ or marking your tack and equipment could act as a deterrent and prevent the opportunity for crime to occur – you could consider using a UV Pen, DNA solutions, Permanent Marker Pen, Metal Punches or Engraving.
  • The marking should state the postcode of your premises and number of address –  i.e. WF1 3QP 29.
  • It is not advisable to use punches or engraving on items that could be weakened or damaged by applying this process – i.e. reins, thin bridles or stirrup leathers.
  • You should also keep a photographic and written record of your tack and equipment.
  • You could invest in secure storage units - Kite marked to BS EN1143-1:2005.



Force Co-ordinators

Force Co-ordinator and Bradford District - Sergeant 2008 Green

Force Co-ordinator and Leeds District - PCSO 741 Taylor


District Contacts


PCSO 592 Payne 

PCSO 470 Christopher



PCSO 516 Sheehan



PCSO 592 Poole – Leeds North West

PCSO 564 Dale – Leeds South

PCSO 646 Haile– Leeds South



PCSO 409 Kavanagh

To contact any of the above please email [email protected]


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