Campus Cop Bike Stolen

As a “Campus cop” I’m constantly advising people to use D-Locks, I’ve lost count of the number of bike crime victims who said to me “but I’d locked it using a cable lock”. Cable locks are flimsy things that can be easily cut through with a small pair of bolt croppers. I’ve even been on the BBC giving this advice out where I was described as a “bike crime expert”!

So it was with utter dismay that I left work this July to find my bike had been stolen from outside Leeds University Security office and the flimsy cable lock I’d used to lock my bike to some railings was left on the floor, snipped in half and mocking me. Well that was a week ago and now I’ve been suitably and (quite rightly) laughed at by my friends, family and colleagues and many strangers. All of whom were right to do so! Why were they right to do so? Well apart from the criminal element the theft was entirely my fault:

  • Rubbish lock TICK
  • Not secured in a bike cage or locked to a bike rack TICK
  • Left in an area where bike thieves were known to be operating TICK


Only that day I’d Tweeted as @PCMattGuy about the cable cutting bike thief who’d stolen three bikes off campus! Humble Pie has been eaten and I have learnt by my own folly. I’m about to buy a new bike, I will be spending 10% of the bikes worth on new locks, I’ve found and will park my new bike in a secure bike shed near where I work and I’m getting it security marked and a bike passport filled out in case it is stolen. So by all means please do share my story and have a laugh at how stupid I was as long as you learn from me and keep your bike safe!


PC Matt Guy