Who's Knocking

  • Invitation Only - Landlords and Officials from service industries will always call or send a letter before attending at your home address. Never let anyone in unless they can prove who they are. It’s your home and you can refuse entry!

  • Bogus - Thieves will attempt to get into houses by pretending to be from your landlord carrying out repairs or a utility company taking meter readings. Don’t let them pressure you into letting them in or distract you, they often work in pairs and are very believable.

  • I.D.- If they have no I.D they are not coming in!


OWL (Online Watch Link) keeps communities safe, helps reduce crime and keeps people informed of what's going on locally. It's a shared, secure platform for the public and local authorities to maximise the potential of Neighbourhood Watch, Rural Watch, Business Watch and dozens of other schemes. OWL sends you the latest local crime alerts and provides management tools for maintaining and expanding watches. OWL was recently featured on BBC Crimewatch.

To access OWL please click here.

Genuine officials from water/electricity/gas companies should all carry I.D. You can sign up for a password scheme, which means everytime a meter reader calls they have to give the password you have pre-arranged with the company. More information can be found:

Why not consider joining a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme? There are many local ones running. To find out more visit our webpages.

Want to know more? Visit these sites:

Bogus Callers - Visit our website for information on how to deal with bogus callers.