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Walking at Night - Stick to well lit and busy streets and try to walk home in a group.

Constant Vigilance - Do you walk along on your mobile or listening to music? You're advertising your valuable property, distracted and not aware of potential thieves. Don’t draw a target on yourself.

Bags - Keep them close to your body, secure the properly and try to have the opening facing your body. Don't make it easy for thieves and pickpockets.

Cash Machine - At ATMs hide your pin and be aware of shoulder surfers.

Taxi - Why not get a lift home, it’s the safest way to get home. Only use lisenced taxis.

Train - Try and choose to sit in a carriage that is with or near other people. Safety in numbers.

Bus - Where possible try to sit in view of the onboard CCTV camera, if present. Checking the bus timetable for different times will avoid any long waits at bus stops.

Below is a video produced by Knowledge on robbery and how to avoid becoming a victim.

Want to know more? Visit these sites:

YouTube video - Ant Haddley, a 3rd year music student at the University of Leeds, talks about the time he was mugged walking through Hyde Park at night last year.

Knowledge Leeds - Knowledge brings together the police, universities, unions and council in Leeds; providing students with practical advice on safety and crime prevention.