International Students

West Yorkshire is a safe place to live but you can always do more to look after yourself and your property:

  • Don’t be put off by the “urban myths” international students pass on about crime in your local area, go out and explore your new home city but don’t be naïve. Every city in the world has crime and where you live will be no different.
  • Read the advice on this web site and look out for yourself and your new mates.
  • Give yourself time to get to know your local area and “British” customs, as you feel more at home here you will feel safer and happier.
  • Keep the telephone number of your college or university’s security department handy, in case you need any help.

“Don’t carry huge amounts of cash with you when in the UK, £50 is the most you would realistically want to keep on you. Just use a plastic card to pay for things.”

Want to know more? Visit these sites:

Uni of Leeds - the internation student office

British Council Education UK - Further information on student safety tips and advice

NUS - advice for internation students from the national union of students

UKCISA - a practical guide for studing in the UK