Life Certificates

What is a Life Certificate and why might I get one?

Sometimes known as a certificate of existence or a proof of life, a certificate of life is document that is created by a government entity in order to provide evidence that an individual is currently living.

This sort of document is often used by government agencies that provide ongoing benefits to citizens, providing evidence that the agency has verified that the individual receiving benefits is indeed still alive and has not passed away since the last investigation. Insurance companies are also likely to use an internal version of the certificate of life as part of a routine check on clients who receive pension and annuity payments.

The purpose of the certificate of life is to make sure the recipient of some type of benefit is still alive and is the one who is actually enjoying those benefits. By periodically checking on the current status of the beneficiary, government agencies and insurance companies make it more difficult for benefits intended for a specific individual to be appropriated by someone else as part of a scheme to commit fraud.

Please visit any West Yorkshire Police helpdesk to have a Life Certificate signed and stamped by the Police. You do not need to make an appointment before your visit. You should check the link below for the location of the available helpdesk nearest to your home address: