Same Sex Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse remains a priority for West Yorkshire Police during Coronavirus

Assistant Chief Constable Catherine Hankinson said: "It will undoubtedly be a time of heightened worry for victims of domestic abuse and it may seem like you have no escape from your abuser. 

"You should be reassured; we are here for you and we will remain here for you throughout this period of isolation. 

"Despite the ongoing demand from the covid-19 pandemic, domestic violence and coercive and controlling behaviour remains a priority for West Yorkshire Police and we will support you however we can. 

"If you would prefer not to speak to police, we work with a number of partner agencies including 24hr National Domestic Violence Helpline, but if it is an emergency, always dial 999. We have specially trained officers who can provide support and practical assistance and help keep you save - even in periods of isolation."


Who can help?

Reporting to West Yorkshire Police

  • You should report any incidents of domestic abuse to the police by calling 101

  • In an emergency, when there is a crime in progress or a danger to life, always dial 999

  • Click here to report domestic abuse online

We have specially trained officers who can provide support and practical assistance to those who suffer domestic abuse, for example in making your home safer. They are located in our 5 local district Safeguarding Units. We work in partnership with a wide variety of statutory and voluntary groups who can also provide help and support and with your permission we will put them in touch with you.

If you need to contact the police in an emergency but aren’t able to speak to the operator, click here for information about silent 999 calls.


Safe Spaces

During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic, if you are experiencing domestic abuse you can visit any Boots store and ask to use their consultancy room, where they can provide you information and support. Click here for more information and to find your nearest Boots pharmacy.


24 Hour Domestic Violence Helpline

0808 2000 247 / National Domestic Abuse Helpline


Local Council Contacts

Bradford - Bradford Council
Calderdale - Domestic Violence Support Team
Kirklees - Kirklees Council
Leeds - Leeds Council 
Wakefield - Wakefield Council 


Victim Support

Victim Support West Yorkshire



Same Sex Domestic Abuse

Our experience of domestic abuse homicides involving same sex partners indicates that where it appeared that there was a history of domestic abuse no reports were made to the police.

This is why the police have teamed up with Yorkshire Mesmac - the sexual health project, the Gay Police Association and Stonewall - the diversity champion to raise awareness.

The campaign called “Same Sex Domestic Violence, We Wont Turn Our Back” uses images of a man and a woman with injuries, bruises, cuts and foot prints on their backs. 

The reasons for under reporting may include a fear of not being believed and that it will be dismissed by the police. It also appears that victims, particularly men won’t admit that they are being abused as they are embarrassed.

The campaign aims to highlight what help is out there for victims and offenders as well as trying to bring down some of the barriers some victims may see.

For help and advice please contact :

West Yorkshire Police on 101 / in an emergency or if there is an incident ongoing contact the police on 999.

Yorkshire Mesmac

Galop - National LGBT Domestic Abuse Helpline  0800 999 5428 / [email protected]


Campaign Artwork


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