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Force Management Statement 


West Yorkshire Police and Crime Plan 2016-2021


 Area Policing Plans


 Police Performance Assessments


Police Force Statistics

The Crime in England and Wales Bulletin (published by the Office for National Statistics) presents the most recent crime statistics for the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW, previously know as the British Crime Survey) and police recorded crime.


West Yorkshire Police Neighbourhood Policing Team Website


Reports from independent custody visitors


Monitoring record of ‘Stop and Account’ and Stop and Search’


Trade Union Facility Time Publication


Freedom of Information and Right of Access Recovery Action Plan 

  • The recruitment and transfer of staff to increase staffing within FOI and ROA. Assessments will be completed on a regular basis to review demand.  
  • The completion of process reviews in both FOI and ROA to ensure both timely and legislative responses.
  • ICO FOI Tool Kit has been completed.
  • Improvements to IT system to enable more comprehensive case management.
  • Endeavour to keep requestors up to date with the progress of their requests when delays occur.
  • Regular updates to the Chief Officer Team, Joint Inspection Audit and Ethics Committee and the Information Commissioners Office around West Yorkshire Polices recovery.

Freedom of Information and Right of Access Performance Statistics






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